Two Ring Software % Products

Delaunay Triangulator    

An app that triangulates the points you create by tapping on the screen, while maintaining the Delaunay property.

Dat Bread Dough.    

Create recipes for your bread formulas, with easy formula/weight conversions when editing. Store all your favorite ingredients, even by brands, and keep notes on everything.


A simple Swift app that draws all of the trigonometric functions onto a unit circle, with the ability to only display certain ones. The latest version added snapping to angle intervals.

Dev Tools


Utilities to quickly prototype iOS apps and simplify working with Cocoa/UIKit API in Swift.


Insert secrets into codebases that don't want to commit them to history.


A command-line tool for bumping version numbers in your source files. Supports multiple file types and version schemas, and offers utilities to explore how best to version your software.


Track your Xcode project's build settings with confidence.