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Outlining the differences between Xcode project targets and build configurations, and how to properly use each one. (6 minute read)
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CocoaPods and Custom Build Configurations
My long journey to set a devpod's SWIFT_OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL, from the podspec's pods_target_xcconfig, to Podfile's post_install and finally arriving at the succinct project.
Xcode 9's New Find and Replace Panel
A critique of the new source editors tool's UI and UX.
Differentiating iOS App Builds
A simple way to manage all your app build variants to test alongside each other on a device.
Tracking Xcode Build Setting Changes with xcbs
Announcing a small CLI for persisting final Xcode project build settings in lockfiles.
Xcode Build Setting Inheritance and Precedence
Straightening out the tangled web of relationships in the world of Xcode build configuration.