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Andrew McKnight 24 October 2018 5 minute read
Catching up on some experimentation with different backend, one of which was the Vapor framework for Swift on the server.


do try Antitypical's Result to catch Async Errors in Swift ・ 4 September 2018
Reviewing my foray into using Result for error handling in Swift, and my realization of a particular use case it solves well.

Announcing Pippin Version 2 ・ 2 January 2018
Highlighting some of the new features in the first major update to Pippin.

Introducing Pippin ・ 29 November 2017
An update and first official version of my Swift app development framework.

Returning Optionals Versus Throwing Errors in Swift ・ 18 May 2017
Deciding between flow control and data model concepts in your app's business logic.