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Andrew McKnight 20 April 2018 7 minute read
Describing my process for semantically versioning the Pippin podspec, deploying it to CocoaPods trunk, and committing all the results to git history.


Announcing Pippin Version 2 ・ 2 January 2018
Highlighting some of the new features in the first major update to Pippin.

Manage version numbers with this one line command ・ 17 December 2017
How I'm currently using Rake to automate a few common tasks I carry out to manage my iOS apps' version numbers.

Introducing Pippin ・ 29 November 2017
An update and first official version of my Swift app development framework.

Introducing Psst ・ 27 November 2017
A simple script to perform straigtforward template replacement of credentials in a codebase, to help avoid committing them.

Tracking Xcode Build Setting Changes with xcbs ・ 19 February 2017
Announcing a small CLI for persisting final Xcode project build settings in lockfiles.