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Andrew McKnight 8 May 2018 6 minute read
Outlining the differences between Xcode project targets and build configurations, and how to properly use each one.


Automatic Devpod Versioning and Deployment with Vrsnr ・ 20 April 2018
Describing my process for semantically versioning the Pippin podspec, deploying it to CocoaPods trunk, and committing all the results to git history.

CocoaPods and Custom Build Configurations ・ 15 February 2018
My long journey to set a devpod's SWIFT_OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL, from the podspec's pods_target_xcconfig, to Podfile's post_install and finally arriving at the succinct project.

Announcing Pippin Version 2 ・ 2 January 2018
Highlighting some of the new features in the first major update to Pippin.

Introducing Pippin ・ 29 November 2017
An update and first official version of my Swift app development framework.

Log Level: Extreme ・ 30 October 2017
A brief survey of log level concepts in the iOS community and elsewhere.

Returning Optionals Versus Throwing Errors in Swift ・ 18 May 2017
Deciding between flow control and data model concepts in your app's business logic.

Source Control Management vs. Dependency Management ・ 12 April 2017
Which manager has more authority over your project?

Differentiating iOS App Builds ・ 1 April 2017
A simple way to manage all your app build variants to test alongside each other on a device.

Validating Crash Reporting in Live iOS Apps ・ 26 March 2017
There's only one way to guarantee your iOS crash reporter is working: purposefully crash your app in production.

Snapping Angles and Fuzzy Binary Search ・ 16 March 2017
Implementing a variant of the binary search algorithm to find nearest interval angles on the unit circle.

Objective-C Block Syntax ・ 27 February 2017
Some ways to make writing Objective-C blocks in Xcode a little easier.

Tracking Xcode Build Setting Changes with xcbs ・ 19 February 2017
Announcing a small CLI for persisting final Xcode project build settings in lockfiles.

Xcode Build Setting Inheritance and Precedence ・ 28 January 2017
Straightening out the tangled web of relationships in the world of Xcode build configuration.