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Andrew McKnight 20 April 2018 7 minute read
Describing my process for semantically versioning the Pippin podspec, deploying it to CocoaPods trunk, and committing all the results to git history.


CocoaPods and Custom Build Configurations ・ 15 February 2018
My long journey to set a devpod's SWIFT_OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL, from the podspec's pods_target_xcconfig, to Podfile's post_install and finally arriving at the succinct project.

Dependency Management Best Practices ・ 9 January 2018
In light of recent news about dependency manager breakages and vulnerabilities, highlighting some steps you can take to protect your dependencies and the projects for which you need them.

Source Control Management vs. Dependency Management ・ 12 April 2017
Which manager has more authority over your project?